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About Us
Mr. Fix-It™
Mr. Fix-It, LLC is a BBB Accredited Handyman Service in Flower Mound, TX
Mr. Fix-It™ has been "fixin" things for about 42 years.  I built decks, patios and such for friends and friends of
friends and was paid in various ways, usually with tools.  Once I was paid with a video camera for building a
deck.  The work was always done on the weekend or after I came home from my "real" job.  About 24 years
ago, after receiving a reciprocating saw for building a deck on a friends home, my wife grabbed me by the
collar and said "Listen up Mr. Fixit, your next free job is going to be building a patio cover for me, and your
prices are going to be adjusted".  Thus, Mr. Fix-It™ was born.

The work was still being conducted after normal business hours and on the weekends.  All work was referred
by word of mouth and was performed by myself.  In 6 months, it got to the point of choosing between my
"regular" job and Mr. Fix-It™. The "regular" job won.

Present day: After 22 years in the corporate world, I grew weary of politics and their effects on peoples lives,
including my own. If you treat people like people, take pride in yourself, and the work/service you perform, life
is less complex and much more rewarding.  65% of my residential business comes from referrals of existing
customers who recommend Mr. Fix-It™ to their friends or associates.  My customers receive instant
gratification when the work is complete & I no longer have to deal with 5 year returns on investments, million
dollar capital expenditures and the like.  No payment is rendered with regards to labor until the customer is
happy with the work.

We're a little bigger now, with 14 crews working in all areas of construction.  I personally perform about 35% of
the work, but at some point, I'm at every job, (excluding the handyman/honey do stuff).  I meet every customer
and inspect all work performed.   

I own the company and my name is associated with all work done, so it will be done right the 1st time, every
time.  My goal is long term.  I want customers for life, not one project.  I want you to call me for any/all needs
regarding your home or business. Repair, improve, or something brand new.

So... For those of you in the corporate world who don't have time, don't know how, or simply have a job that
you don't want to do, please give us a call.  We'll take care of what you need to do while you take care of what
you want to do.