Spa-type, multiple head showers usually mean some pretty serious plumbing,
but not this one. It installs in about an hour and adds an updated look and
feel to just about any bathroom.  -  I saw this episode on House Calls a while
back and thought it would be a good article to put here for the
do-it-yourselfer.   The Verti-Spa itself is pricey, but the project can be
completed in about an hour by anyone who can use a drill and a level. - Ben
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Ron came across a product that converts an ordinary
shower head into a hydro massage spa type shower
takes a few minutes to put in, Ron decided to try treating
his company by installing one in his guest bathroom.

Learn more about the
Verti-spa Shower System.
Begin by removing the existing shower head. It
should unscrew from the shower arm relatively easily.
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To remove the arm itself, insert the soft handle of some type of hand
held tool like pliers into the end of the pipe and give it a twist. This is
also a great way to tighten a shower arm without damaging the finish
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Replace the shower arm that was just removed with a plastic pipe
nipple, but first wrap it with two or three layers of Teflon tape to make
sure the thread is tightened properly. This will help prevent leaking.
Insert the nipple securely in place, and then cut off a
few inches of the plastic pipe, as specified in the
directly onto the shortened plastic nipple leaving it
completely concealed.
To install the vertical spa unit, first draw a plumb line downward from
the center of the shower head. Place the vertical spa on top of the
line and mark the locations for the top and bottom mounting screws.
into the hard interior shower surface. When drilling through the face
of tile, it is a good idea to first use a center punch. This will make a A
hammer drill with a carbide drop masonry bit works best for drilling
and ensure that the hole ends up exactly where you intended it to go
anchors into the
holes and tap
them into place.
The vertical
spa attaches
with screws at
the top and
Slip on the end
caps and attach
hose to the
outlet on the
shower head.
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