Terms & Conditions

Effective Jan 1, 2016 -Time & Material projects are billed at $150 for the 1st hour and $93 per hour thereafter for a single technician.

The minimum charge for a service call / dispatch is one (1) hour.

Subsequent hours are billed in six (6) minute increments.

Phone estimates are free of charge.

Many items / services have a flat rate charge and can be quoted via phone.

If you have any questions please contact the office.  We will be happy to answer any questions.

All invoices are due in full at the time service is rendered unless other arrangements are made in advance. 

Site visits that are requested or required for proposal creation are based on round trip mileage from base. 

10 miles or less - $25.00
11 - 20 miles - $35.00
21 - 30 miles - $45.00
31 - 40 miles - $50.00
>41 miles - $60.00

Applicable fee is due at the conclusion of the initial visit. 

If the proposal associated with the site visit is approved within 2 weeks of estimate date, the fee is credited towards the project.

Terms & conditions of sale are indicated below:

Mr. Fix-It hereby warrants all materials to be as specified and that all work shall be performed in a workmanlike manner, according to accepted standard industry practices.   This express warranty excludes all other agreements and warranties, expressed or implied and Mr. Fix-It shall in no event be liable for customer supplied parts or material.  It is hereby expressly provided that although said materials have been herein before described, the material delivered by Mr. Fix-It shall be deemed to correspond with their description. 

It is hereby expressly acknowledged, understood and agreed that any and all monies prepaid for material costs is non-refundable once said material is secured and that buyer cannot alter, revoke or cancel same without specific written consent from Mr. Fix-It. 

The estimated delivery date of the work to be performed is subject to contingencies beyond the control of Mr. Fix-It™, including, but not limited to fires, strikes, lockout, and inability to secure material, labor or transportation: inclement weather, accidents and acts of God.

In the event of the occurrence of such contingency the estimated delivery date shall be extended by equal duration to the extent of the duration of such contingency. 

Customer agrees to pay Mr. Fix-It the full balance of the purchase price immediately upon completion of the work to be performed.

The customer covenants and agrees that upon his/her default by the failure to pay any part or all of the purchase price when due, or otherwise, Mr. Fix-It shall at its option have the right to pursue any remedy available by law including but not limited to:

Without judicial action take possession of all said property and all payments made by the customer up to the time of said default shall be applied as rent and depreciation of said property for and during the time the property is in the customers possession, or,

Apply finance charges to outstanding balance in the amount of 24% APR in addition to a late fee of $25 per month, or,

Bring legal action to collect all monies due Mr. Fix-It; under the terms of this agreement, or,

Refer matter to collection agency, or,

Enforce and foreclose a lien against said property without further notice to the Customer, or,

All of the above. 

The Customer further covenants and agrees to pay reasonable attorneys fee and all costs incurred by Mr. Fix-It while enforcing its rights under terms of the contract.

Customer expressly understands and agrees that any and all natural material used by Mr. Fix-It is natural.   Mr. Fix-It offers no warrantee on material in the event of bowing or splitting. Mr. Fix-It will, at its option, replace said material, with like quality at no cost to the customer.

Change Requests -  $50.00 per change request after contract signing in addition to the cost associated with said change, payable in full at the time of said request.

Job Abandonment -  In the event that work stoppage is required due to lack of material, or failure of same, that is provided by the customer, a $75 fee will result for each occurrence.